The event where law enforcement buys technology and mobility.

CopTech Forum is where police agencies come to select the technology they need. From mobile video to data storage to communications and much more, CopTech is where you’ll see and compare technology solutions and providers to select what’s right for you. We’ll help you get the most for your tech budget dollars, by giving you a unique opportunity to get in-depth answers and compare solutions. You’ll join your peers, IT leaders at other departments, for candid conversation about what works and what doesn’t. And you’ll leave knowing you’ve compared the options and you’re ready to select the right solution for your department.

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Be a Vendor at The CopTech Forum.

CopTech isn’t a trade show. Not even close.

It’s two days of pre-scheduled private sales appointments with qualified police agency buyers of IT and other technology who’ve come to choose their solutions. You spend two days at a beautiful resort getting to know your customers in a way nothing else can match. And unlike a show, there are never any extra or hidden costs at CopTech, because there’s no booth to ship, no carpet to rent, no hassles to deal with. Just walk in and meet your buyers. 

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(Updated Sep. 3, 2019)

Hurricane Dorian is expected to pass through Jacksonville on Wednesday. The hotel is a modern, concrete structure located away from the beach, and hotel management believes that the building and grounds will withstand the storm well. CopTech has worked with this property before, and we agree that, absent a significant change from the current forecast, the hotel will be able to accommodate us in their usual 4-star style. We will update this information as situations change.

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