What Products Belong Here?

CopTech is about technologies that enable law enforcement to be more effective and efficient. We cover computers and information systems, video technology, mobile computing and communications, software and management systems. and just about anything that has electricity connected to it.

Law enforcement agencies come to CopTech to make decisions on products including:

  • Mobile Computing and Data
  • In-Car and On-Officer Video
  • Computerized Records & Evidence storage
  • Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)
  • Rugged Laptops and Printers
  • Hardened, secure & mesh communications
  • Biometrics and Fingerprinting
  • Crime Analysis Software and Systems
  • GPS and GIS Solutions
  • Vehicle Power Management/ Anti-Idling
  • Management, Personnel, Scheduling Systems
  • Portable surveillance systems

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CopTech Technology Vendors