Testimonials From Our Clients

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I’m a big fan of CopTech. Better than a traditional trade show. The focused audience is ideal for vendors. The buyers liked it too.”
– Adobe Systems

“CopTech has been great for us! It has built relationships for us and helped us get into agencies we wouldn’t have been able to sell to otherwise.”
– COBAN Technologies

CopTech was great. I think it’s a fantastic alternative to trade shows. I enjoyed the atmosphere and they way everyone was treated. I’m hoping you will do this more than once a year!
– Corona Solutions

“This is an outstanding event! It gives us a closeness to new business prospects we just can’t get at a trade show. We’ll be back!”
– Dell Computer

“CopTech has been insanely successful for us! It’s focused on the right buyers. At police shows, you might be talking to the guy buying firearms or cars, but here, the buyers are targeted to technology, which is where we’re going to sell. It’s fantastic!”
– Getac

“Originally, we were a little bit skeptical. We’ve been really pleased with CopTech. It’s given a chance to network with people who have the money and projects. Overall, CopTech has been a good investment for us and the future of our company.”
– Havis, Inc.

“We had better, more qualified leads and much larger sales opportunities, which is good. Hat’s off to CopTech.”
– ICOP Digital

The CopTech meeting has been fantastic! We’ll leave here with eight or nine real buying prospects, which is outstanding.”
– Orion Communications

I would recommend CopTech to anyone. We get the right buyers here. Much better than standing around at a show just handing out literature.”
– Pannin Technologies

“It was a highly productive event for us, and I expect to see a great return.”
– PIPS Technology/ Federal Signal

“Great job! I liked the format of the show. Very different from your traditional trade show. Something different and unique.”
– Blackberry by Research in Motion

“CopTech is a great event for us. It gets us in front of CAD buyers and decision-makers. We’re excited to come back again.”
– Versaterm